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Your new digital company pension administration system

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What your new digital company pension scheme management can do:

FuBIS offers many attractive functions for employers and employees. Employers receive an efficient administrative overview, while employees can view all relevant information about their pension provision, as well as other benefits, through the digital pension scheme management system. Here are all your advantages at one glance:

FuBIS for companies – The employer portal

  • Change Notifications & Transaction Initiations

    Self-service function for employers (exit and change notifications)

  • Display of Current Contractual Values & Documents per Employee

    Information on premium amounts as well as guaranteed and likely total benefits at the click of a mouse

  • Monthly Payroll Lists to Facilitate the Payroll Process

    Detailed overviews of amounts for payroll purposes

  • Upload & Download Functions

    Secure and paperless sharing of data, notifications, files and documents

  • Document Archive

    All legally relevant documents in once place

  • Analysis

    Various analysis options for contract values, entitlement and benefit amounts

Expand FuBIS with Additional Services

Each company has its own unique requirements. Our optional services allow you to supplement your employer and employee platforms to suit your specific needs.

Smart Solution for your New Digital Pension Scheme Management

Funk Employer Benefit Services offers a modern and smart solution for digital pension scheme management and further employee benefits: FuBIS – the Funk Benefit Information System. With FuBIS for companies and FuBIS for you, FuBIS provides two online portals that allow employers to transfer their management, employee data and consultation regarding company pension schemes and further employee benefits into the digital world.

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Do you have further questions about our digital software solution for company pension schemes? Contact us!

We are happy to help with any questions you may have about digital pension management. 

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